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Propane is a versatile, clean-burning fuel choice for homes and businesses.  It does a lot of tasks -- from heating and cooling rooms, to heating water and inground pools.  It also dries clothes, adds romantic flames to gas fireplaces, and is preferred by many chefs for cooking -- no wonder its grown in popularity!  


We are pleased to provide a full range of services to our propane customers, including delivery, cleaning of boilers and furnaces, and our 24/7 service for any propane issues.   We also do annual safety checks of any propane applications at no charge, and a free gas check procedure for all first-time Herrington propane fuel customers.  


We offer top quality equipment for all of your propane needs, including hot water heaters, furnaces, boilers, pool heaters and space heaters.


We can also work with you and your electrician to supply parts and propane for your generators.


For customers planning a new installation, we go onsite to assess tank and equipment requirements, and for both above and inground tanks we'll handle the excavation for tank installations or removals.   


Whether you've used propane for years or want to make a switch, Herrington Fuels ensures your safety and comfort!

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